Videos can help hospitals get more patients

Videos help hospitals/nursing home become better storytellers bringing in more new patients & create repeat visitors. At Shockers Pride, we help hospitals create videos to achieve the following:
  1. Share patient testimonials – Video testimonials can be an effective tool for instilling trust and confidence in new patients & convince that your facility is better than others.
  2. Record a welcome message – A welcome video can tell patients what you have to offer while welcoming them to your facility.
  3. Show off your facilities – Do you have state of the art patient rooms and equipment? Have your facilities been updated? Use a video to show people your renovations and what you have to offer. Highlight anything that makes your hospital stand out above others.
  4. Reduce Patient Anxiety – Patients never want to admit they are anxious about an upcoming hospital stay or outpatient procedure, but they are. Adding a video to a hospital’s existing website or even on Youtube can help relieve patient anxiety.
  5. Help in the Decision Making Process – Whether it is deciding upon which specialist to use or determining what route to take for treatment, a testimonial video can help patients with the decision making process

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