Videos can help NGOs get more sponsors & volunteers

Videos can help NGOs achieve the following:

  1. Share sponsors / volunteers testimonials – Video testimonials can be an effective tool for instilling trust and confidence in new sponsors and volunteers & convince that your NGO is better than others.
  2. Record a welcome message – A welcome video can tell volunteers what you have to offer while welcoming them to your NGO.
  3. Define your message – Define who you are, and what it is that you do and voice out message that will make your NGO stand out above others.
  4. Market your charity’s IMPACT – Transform your projects into video, stories, photographs, documentary, short-films and information that can be fed back into the donor market and build credibility for your cause.
  5. Creating a brand image – Videos helps create a brand image, builds a presence and also attracts the attention of donors and volunteers. It is a way of connecting with the people around you and communicating the message of the organization.


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