How we helped a NGO with their website?

Video production business is a very crowded space so we decided to focus solely on NGOs because we wanted their work to be seen by millions of people online.

We soon realized that most NGOs didn’t even have the basic infrastructure to reach an online audience – Good website, Youtube channel, Facebook page.

This is a story of Navsamaj NGO located in New Delhi whom we helped with getting a good website.

The Problem:

  • They had an old website created by a website developer that didn’t look professional, didn’t work well on mobile phones.
  • Navsamaj invested a significant amount to get a professional video created by us. Their website developer uploaded the video in a very small space in a corner. Imagine how you’d feel seeing your significant investment tugged in a corner.
  • In a given year Navsamaj conducts around 20 events. For every event they asked their website developer to create a small page with some content & photos. He used to charge around Rs. 500 per page.

The Solution:

  • We recommended an online website builder solution that allows anyone to create a website using drag-n-drop. If you can type in a word document you can create a website. It costs them just Rs. 5100 per year.
  • They had a lot of content from the old website that they wanted to migrate so we helped them for which they paid us Rs. 20,000 (one time optional cost).

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